Jieun Yoo, Designer
Copenhagen, DK

Trained industrial designer with love for craft, my work explores the boundary between the two disciplines. It often challenges the whole concept of making with the physical materials in the post-industrial era and digtal age we are in now and creating the simultaneous conversation between the two. 

My MA thesis, offsprings, at the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture and Design was an exact exploration of this topic, where the industry level production can merge with the quality of the authentic hand craft through material exploration. Thus, the objects are indicating the time and the place.

In the past, I have also made an intensive research with the similar topic at European Ceramic Work Centre in The Netherlands with porcelain and possibilities of challenging, manipulating, and working with it. 

If you wish to have more information on my work, you can download my Curriculum Vitae or contact me for any inquiries.

+45 60 87 28 47